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All buyincoins coupon codes last tested on October 3, 2015

5% OFF Any Order


Apply this coupon code at and you will get 5% OFF from your total order from them. The coupon code has no expiration date.


7% OFF All Smart Watches


Get 7% OFF on all Smart Watches at This coupon code can be used unlimited times. Will expire on November 11, 2015.


8% OFF Health & Beauty


Use this coupon code at and you will get 8% OFF from the entire Health & Beauty category. This coupon will expire on October 4, 2015. Has no usage limitation.


2% OFF Any Order


Currently one of the oldest and still valid coupon for Apply this coupon and you will get 5% OFF from your total order from them. The coupon code has no expiration date.



her you can buy many items with huge discount. There are new items added every day so be sure to check them regularly.

Use Recommender code – DISCOUNTER – Get 5% OFF

Hi and thanks for visiting We know that you have come here looking for a Buyincoins coupon so here we have two options for you.

  • If you are new to Buyincoins (You haven’t made any orders) than the best option for you is to apply a Recommender code. Currently the biggest site-wide discount that you can get at Buyincoins is 2%. Use Recommender code DISCOUNTER and you will get 5% OFF from your order from them.


  • If you are returning customer than the best and the only options is to use a coupon code. If you need a coupon code than visit the link above and find the coupon code that you are looking for. Currently the biggest site-wide discount that you can get from is 5% OFF so don’t bother searching for other coupons.

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  • paul (3 years)

    This is correct. Just used DISCOUNTER as recommender and I got $18.25 off and worldwide free shipping! Thanks

  • Simon (3 years)

    Thanks for this. I just got $7.48 discount.

  • danubia (3 years)

    In my small purchase my order were 14,29 and the discount changed it to 13,99. thanks!

  • abbissus (3 years)

    It did not give me any account, yet it said when I tried a coupon code:
    “Sorry, coupon cannot be used together with recommender, but you can use it within your next order.” – so i guess i saved YOU money…

  • moshe (3 years)

    It does reduce the sum in Buyincoins checkout page, but hitiing the Pay with Paypal button referring to their site and hoops there the sum is raised to the original one with no discount. please advise.

  • ozlem (2 years)

    bitte coupon 2013

  • FaIz (2 years)

    I cant find the recommander box, please advice

  • mr.key (2 years)

    Recommender box is avaiable only if u are not signed and it is located at the end of shopping cart. This code is really working. Thanks

  • Tamas (1 year)

    It is not working correctly. This would have been my first order. I added “DISCOUNTER” to “Recommender” field, and it seemed OK. As I checked out with my payPal account the discount just dissapeared.
    It could be a BUG in the website but I guess it is more a fake discount.
    I have quite similar experience like “MOSHE” above.
    It is annoying.

    • admin (1 year)

      Must be a bug in the site because DISCOUNTER is a valid recommender code

  • Martin (9 months)

    Thanks for sharing this mate. I have save $7.5 from my order.

  • Mila (9 months)

    Great share

  • Tim (9 months)

    Confirmed. The coupons are valid. Bought a cell phone from BIC

  • Nikola (9 months)


  • Ozil (9 months)

    This coupon code is not valid for 2015

  • Simona (9 months)

    WOW. Just saved $13 from my first order with this recommender code

  • Nada (9 months)

    Buyincoins is the best place for shopping. For sure I will be back again. Thanks for sharing the coupons

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